Mishan Goti

I am a highly competent and passionate IT professional with outstanding skills in designing websites and developing backend services.

Along with strong technical skills I have excellent interpersonal skills, enabling me to interact with a wide range of clients. I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and further improve my IT skills.

My greatest passion in life is to know how to benefit other people and organizations using my technical skills.

I am also very much enthusiastic about explaining methods, languages and process, To keep this enthusiasm up, I write blogs in ITbulls.in.

What I Do


I am quite experienced with WordPress Customization, I help small business to make their presence globally via making their professional WordPress CMS Website.

Web Design

Web Design is my passion, I am very good at designing responsive and user interactive designs with support of Html5, Css3, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap CSS framework.

Content Writer

I love to write blogs, specially technical blogs. I also write small tutorial blogs on trending technology, documentation guide blogs and suggestions blogs in ITbulls.in own by me. Infect it is my extra activity.

Web Development

I know various technology and frameworks known for developing small scale as well as large scale web applications. Technologies and Frameworks like, Node.js, Angular, Express, MySQL, PHP and MongoDB.



As I am very much keen to write and explain things, I write blogs on technology, software usage, installation, frameworks, languages and suggestions.

Events Organized By Me

1. Rajkot Hackathon(As a volunteer) 2. E-Treasure hunt

Events In Which I Participated

1. India Hackathon, 2. E-Treasure hunt, 3. Introduction to Android(Workshop)


internet surfing

Play Tabala

Creative Writing

Web Designing

Play Strategic Games