• Technologies : Back End(slim framework), App (Android Studio Java)
  • My Role : Back End Developer and UI Designer
  • Links : Mobiclass App
  • Project Owner :  Dr. Deepak J. Mashru who is an innovative professor and a facilitator at Marwadi University. (Mefgi profile)
  • Appreciation : certificate
  • My Personal Experience : As it was my first official and paid project during academic i was so excited about opportunity of learning new technologies.

MobiClass is a unique learning platform which has been uniquely designed and devised to assist both the learners and facilitators.

MobiClass functions on the ideology of Explore, Evaluate and Excel. The learners can find the content of the subject/s in text, audio and video in order to explore the content. After exploration of the content the learner can opt the quizzes scientifically designed to test the learners under the umbrella of tab – Evaluate and after evaluation and deliberate analysis, the learners can excel in the respective subject.

MobiClass provides the adequate motivation by showing the top scorers of the respective quizzes and help the learners in understanding their mistakes by offering hints during the quiz and analysis of the quiz.